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Because I said SO

by Allison Bakken

This blog is used for technology in education news, Web 2.0, and to share thoughts with fellow tech-ed teachers. I also keep parents and students posted by linking them from my web site: MRS. BAKKEN


Beth's Thoughts on Technology in the Classroom

by Beth Knittle

A little bit of everything: technology, learning, teaching, networking, universal design in learning, web tools.


May Be Right

by Mike Bryant

A testbed for ideas, dreams and thoughts of a teacher.



by Larry Harms

Opinions and ideas pertaining to technology, entertainment, politics, and lifestyle. I also talk about myself and my life in many of my articles. Humor is infused into many of my posts as well because comedy is everywhere, although sometimes we have to look really hard to find it.


The Catholic Foodie

by Jeff Young

Good food, good wine, friends and celebrations, holidays, recipes, restaurants, cooking, coffee, and the goodness of life... Yum! It's all here.



by Jason Robertshaw

science edu + ocean info


Changing Connections

by RJ Stangherlin

Educating in the Shift.  My personal blog.


Christine Southard's Blogspot

by Christine Southard

My blog is a mashup of my experiences as a special education co-teacher and ski instructor who is pursuing a 2nd masters in educational technology and NYS certification in assistive technology.


The Clever Sheep

by Rodd Lucier

As a teacher who has used media and other communications technologies to connect with learners for more than 20 years, I'm looking for opportunities to to engage in meaningful conversations with teachers who see themselves as learners.



by Jennifer Dorman (cliotech)

The musings of an educator and professed webinerd in a flattening world


Connecting the Dots

by Michael Curtin

Thoughts on schools, technology, and culture.


Cruel Shoes: Teaching Truths to Keep us Shod

by Elaine Plybon

A blog that hopes to reveal the realities of teaching in a way that encourages teachers to stay in the profession.



by Dan Froelich

This blog is a personal reflection for most things (not all things) edtech related. As a researcher, educator, and self-proclaimed geek, I write reflections on the state of education and instructional technology. 


Edina Technology Integration

Ideas and Tips on Educational Technology from Scott Johnson, Molly Schroeder and Michael Walker


Education in Music

by Theresa White

Thoughts on things that worked, things that didn't, and everything in between.


Eric Strommer's Blog

I started this when I became a STAR Discovery Educator.

I am amazed on how much it has changed since I first started. I blog about what I have found that works with my students when it comes to technology integration, funny/cool/interesting/useful web finds, education issues, and whatever else comes to mind that I think may be worthy to post.


Finding Common Ground

by Michelle Krill

Posts and links for making connections between technology, teaching and learning. Not necessarily in that order!


Fresh Fowlers

By Laurie Fowler

This blog is about the reflections, ideas, and opinions from the mind of Laurie.  I blog here to discuss my ideas on education, usually related to technology, but sometimes not. I am passionate about making this world a better place through teaching the next generation how to think. I value my network connections I have made through online and face-to-face contacts and look forward to hearing from more of my readers.


From Bottom Up

by Bob-RJ Bukhart (geoWIZard)

View my page on iConnect iLearn in the 21st Century

NGV takes on "The Green Guide" as National Geographic expands its efforts ...



by Dan Callahan

It's a bird!  It's a plane!  It's yet another blog about education and technology, mixed with special education, personal musings, and random interests!


Healigan's Home by Leslie Healey

I started this blog to make writing less horrifying (and more frequent) for my students. it has become a great tool for them to connect what we read with what they live. It also includes a changing list of links both useful and fun.



I "Heart" Technology

by Heather Hurley

This is a blog about all the things I love about technology, eduaction and anything else I think of.


Innovative Educator 2.0 

by Naomi Harm

Looking to continue the journey of "Inspired Learning" to engage and motivate all K-12 educators and students.


Just In Time Tech

by Nancy Sharoff (aka Ed Tech Diva)

Life (and technology) in perpetual beta.


Learning and Teaching in the 21st Century

by Jo Schiffbauer

Tech tips for teachers.


Learning Curve

by RJ Stangherlin

Straightening the Curve.  Designed for student bloggers.


Literacy, Learning and Sharing

by Linda Clinton

Originally started as a place to share what is going on with literacy in my district, it has evolved to a place to share cool things on the web, and some of my own thoughts about learning.


Living On The Lip of Insanity and What Are We?  Chewish?

by Kate Tabor

Twitter and Plurk: tabor330

Upper School English teacher, adviser to the school paper and yearbook.  I use technology in every class that I teach.  Living on the Lip is my blog for reflecting on my teaching practice and What Are We? is my attempt to chronicle the Christian-Jewish salad bowl that is food and family at our house.


Making Connections

by Nic Mobbs (aka Mobbsey)

Creating + Connecting + Collaborating = Possibilities


MAISD Tech Integration

by Diane Zoellmer

Ideas, tips, tricks. links, resources to support educators in my region of MI.


Maru's blog as e-Learner.  Insights and Ideas

By Maru del Campo

Here you will find a record of my experiences. I sew ideas, questions and solutions for my teaching/learning projects.


Mean Old Library Teacher

by Jennifer Turney

Mostly book and technology commentary. Branching out a bit, though.


Minnesota Futurists Special Interest Groups (SIG)

by Dick Saunders & Roger Rydberg (Co-Creators)

A PBwiki multi-author collaboratory supporting Sat-AM Future Trends weekly discussions .

This digital library initiative empowers ALL-WinWin Knowledge Management Organizational Learning (KMOL).


meL's Word

by Melissa Rollosson

Thoughts on the challenges of encouraging teachers to use technology in their classrooms.  Our small district is fairly technology forward when it comes to hardware but teachers tend to be overburdened and shy away from trying new things.  


My Journey into Elementary Tech

by Nedra Isenberg

This blog contains my rambling thoughts regarding my new job as elementary tech teacher for our district and technology in general.


My State of Flux

by Jay Bennett

Musings on educational technology, online learning and a variety of other topics that speak to me, not literally 'cause that would just be crazy! 



by Sean Nash

Instructional coach exploring learner-centered constructivism through emerging technologies.  Leading a cohort of teachers into real technology ingegration.


Opening Doors to Digital Learning

by Martha Thornburgh (Roswellsgirl)

Enhancing Learning Through Educational Technology


Our School 

by Lorna Costantini

Connecting parents and educators using technology. I'm the moderator of the Parents as Partners Webcast atwww.edtechtalk.com/parentsaspartners. Always looking for ideas and sharing about how teachers connect with parents in supporting student achievement.


Pathfinder Passports(cc)

My Photo

by Bob-RJ Bukhart (geoWIZard)

An ongoing experience in adaptive blended visual learning courseware that empowers Tech-Rich Classroom GeoScouting.

This Kan-Ed Network hyperportal incubated GeoVenturing mapXchange thinkLets.



By Gerald Aungst

A blog about best practices in using differentiation and techology in gifted education.


The Reading Workshop

by Jim McGuire

The Reading Workshop blog shares thoughts, comments, opinions, and ideas about reading from Laurelville's sixth grade language arts. Join us in the discussion of reading and technology in education.


RJ Stangherlin SHS

by RJ Stangherlin

My first school blog; interactive website for students, parents, and learning community.



by Kelly Bauer

Using PEEL methodology in order to implement ICT into the curriculum, with a focus on multimedia



by Robin Martin

Tech tips and links for educators of all grade levels. and Parents Want to Know blog about Internet safety and new updates in the news about programs or ideas for parents/teachers.

Successful Teaching

by Pat Hensley (loonyhiker)

Strategies and Ideas in order to have a successful teaching experience.


Teaching All Students

by Patrick Black

Using assistive technology in the special education classroom.


Teaching the Civil War with Technology

by James R. Beeghley, Ed. D.  (aka: Fifer1863)

Curriculum integration strategies and ideas for incorporating technology into the teaching of the American Civil War.


Tech Ice Breaker

by Chris Prout

A blog about integrating technology in the elementary classroom.


Tech Thoughts By Jen

by Jennifer Wagner

Teacher Ideas, Links to Sites, Conference Reflections, etc


Technology Ruminations

by Benjamin Friesen

This blog focuses on ideas and examples of integrating technology into the classroom.  I have also been posting items related to a new course I am teaching that teaches students how to use the web/tools/applications as a student.


Technology Teacher

by Faye Valbert, (fivbert) Mills River, NC

"Retired" Technology Teacher's thoughts and info gleaned from serching the internet & still trying to stay in the loop of technology/education.


TechnoTuesday: Cathy Nelson's Professional Thoughts

by Cathy Nelson, (Cathyjo) Myrtle Beach, SC

My blog chronicles my journey into the edtech world as a teacher, librarian, educator, and learner.


Thoughts from a tech specialist...

by Jerry Swiatek

My blog contains a lot of tutorials, reviews of education-related websites and my occasional rants and raves. I've been blogging for about 10 months and I enjoy it very much.



by Lisa Thumann

21st Century ideas to help facilitate good teaching and learning.



by Sarah Johnston

A blog by an urban music educator for urban music educators. I blog about my life as an elementary music teacher in an inner-city school and express my passion for music technology.


Videoconferencing Out on a Lim

by Janine Lim

One distance learning coordinator’s experiences, curriculum thoughts, and technology rants related to k12 videoconferencing.


Virtual High School Meanderings

by Michael K. Barbour

This blog focuses upon issues pertaining to distance education within the K-12 system, specifically the use of virtual high schools.


Wired Moodlerooms FAQ

by Bob-RJ Bukhart (geoWIZard)

View my page on iConnect iLearn in the 21st Century

A PBwiki FAQ template crafted for PlurkScoutNet inspired by Plurker Bently Richert


Yes Tech!

by Pam Shoemaker (shoemap)

I write about all things ed-tech (PD, journal articles, tips, classroom projects, etc.) 



Comments (6)

abakken said

at 11:37 pm on Nov 12, 2008

Blogging has been a part of my life for only the past 6 months, but I plan to continue this awesome journey! I am the techno-freak (as they call me at school) and technology mentor at my district. I teach in a small community outside of Helena, Montana. I live in the mountains so it is vital for my students to connect to the outside and virtual world. Please visit my blog, web site or add me on twitter, plurk, and/or facebook: abakken
It is great to have all these connections and wonderful blogs to view!

Bob-RJ Burkhart said

at 5:40 pm on Nov 17, 2008

Worked with Minnesota Futurists (2002-2004) to triangualte digital library initiatives for 2007 World Future Society Conference featuring global Education Futures forums.
Adapterd UH-Manos's HICSS-34 Conference ThinkLets paper to champion reusable learning objects for advanced distributed learning networks via http://futurethought.org/

fivbert said

at 6:12 pm on Nov 17, 2008

I am new to all this wiki stuff; I was wondering why I am not listed as a participant. I requested access and have a password; at least that is how I got here; able to comment;

fivbert said

at 11:09 pm on Nov 17, 2008

OK, I am still really new at this. I tried to add my information in the participant list, but it shows the HTML tag; not like the others. Can someone fix it and then tell me what I should have done?

Bob-RJ Burkhart said

at 4:17 am on Nov 18, 2008

Kudos Faye Valbert (fivebet) - A perfect way to become a stakeholder rather than remaining as a sideline spectator! Forget the HTML Code haking here & use the LINK Icon (Globe with Infinite Loop) to insert your URL, eMail address, or links to other pages in this hyperlinked collaborative digital library ...

Dan Callahan said

at 6:34 pm on Nov 18, 2008

Thank you, people who have continued to maintain the alphabetical order since I painstakingly organized it. It was driving me crazy.

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