Please feel free to use this page to add your own extra resources to the various challenges.  If you wrote a blog post that addresses a specific challenge, go ahead and share it here as well.  Many people are participating in the challenge at different times.  Some are just beginning, and others are doing challenges in bunches.  Providing links to your own experiences doing these challenges would be extremely helpful to future participants!

Steve Dembo's  Teach42




As a 1971 UH-Manoa Information Science alum, I benchmark innovations shared at the Hawaii International Conference on Systems Science (HICSS)



Since 1968 the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS)

has become a respected forum for the substantive interchange of ideas ... - Cached - Similar pages

Bob-RJ Burkhart's MentorshipART mapXchange


 <- We has met the enemy & they is us! 

GPSurvey Agr-iTourism

GPSurvey Devices Balloon With Features. They can plumb the Internet

... 2006: Completed GPSurvey for Hilo Bay Getaway heritage "AgriTourism" ...